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This guide is meant to aid in familiarizing yourself with our server. We've made a lot of changes, some big and some small, so check them out!

Server Features


The server is set to Pre-Renewal Episode 13.3. There are no I4001.gif Flame Skull Cards, I5808.gif Dark Bacilium, I2202.gif Sunglasses[1], or BG items.


While we have Hunting Missions for gaining EXP and some rewards, we also have Repeatable EXP Quests. Homunculus kills WILL count for Monster Hunting Repeatables. However, Sharp Leaf and Antelope Horn Item Turn-In quests are capped to Level 80 instead of 86.

For a full list of custom quests we offer, see the Quests page.

Account-Based Zeny

Zeny is shared between all characters under a single Game Account. Note that this is only per Game Account; if you have multiple Game Accounts under the same Master Account, they will each have their own zeny amounts.


This RoM-exclusive feature allows you to spam skills at the same speed as everyone else, regardless of your ping. Read more about this feature here.

Server Commands

For a full list of /commands and @commands, simply type /commands or @commands in-game.

Here's the full list of commands:

/ Command Effect
/commands Displays the full list of our custom / commands.
/fastrefresh Removes the black flash you get when you teleport/refresh/etc. Give it a try!
/frostdelays Toggles skill latency.
/ping Checks your ping!
/m2e Toggles the integrated SRH m2e based on your rise.cfg settings.
/bbe Toggles the integrated SRH Bowling Bash gutterlines.
/skillrange Toggles the integrated SRH skillrange based on your rise.cfg settings.
/chatscope Toggles the integrated SRH chatscope based on your rise.cfg settings.
/fps Toggles the integrated SRH framerate display.
/quake Toggles client shaking effects.
@ Command Effect
@commands Displays the full list of our @ commands.
@alootid <+/-><item name/id> Automatically loots items by item ID. Build a list of items if you want to be picky about what you're looting.
@arealoot Attempts to loot all nearby items when picking up a single item
@autoloot <eq/cs/etc/cards> or <0-100> Automatically loots items. In addition to this, you can set it to loot only items below a certain drop rate. @autoloot 5.7 would loot items that have a 5.7% drop rate or lower.
@autoloottype <+/-><type name/id> (@aloottype) Automatically loots items by item type. Type the command by itself in-game for a list of item types/IDs.
@autotrade (@at) Keeps your Vending or Buying shop online while closing your client.
@autorefresh <5-300> Automatically @refreshes your client every X seconds. @autorefresh 5 would set the client to refresh every 5 seconds.
@battleinfo Displays your Player kills and deaths in chat. This text is displayed in the public logs for the chat filter.
@bgafk Kicks AFK team members in Battlegrounds.
@bgleader Use this to give leadership to another player of your team if you're the leader.
@cookingexp Shows how much cooking experience you have earned.
@dailylogin Displays the amount of days you have logged on as well as the time left before you can claim your next reward.
@dailymap Displays the current maps for the Daily Map Spotlight, and tells you when it changes.
@dropalert <0-100> Gives you a personal announcement when an item is dropped, and a little sound effect. Which items are announced is based on the drop rate you enter, or defaulted to 1% if you type nothing.
@frostdelay Displays your delay between each skill.
@guildhp Shows the HP bar of guild members, useful when outside of their parties!
@guilditem Lists the bound items of your guild and who has them.
@hateffect Disables some headgear's visual effects.
@help (@h) Displays information about a command.
@hidepet Hides all pets from the screen, including your own.
@hominfo Displays a lot of useful information about your Homunculus if you have one summoned.
@homstats Displays a lot of useful information about your Homunculus if you have one summoned.
@homtalk <message> Makes your Homunculus talk.
@hotkeyitem <item id> <hotkey row> <hotkey column> Lets you hotkey an item that you normally can't hotkey. Want to hotkey I717.gifBlue Gemstones to keep track of how many you have? Easy!
@hug <player name> Send a hug to another player!
@ignoredrops Hides all items that are on the ground.
@iteminfo <item name/id> (@ii) Searches the Item Database.
@jailtime Displays your time left before you're unjailed if you're in jail.
@joinbg Use this command to join the Battlegrounds waiting queue or to join an existing BG match. Can be used anywhere.
@joinevent Used to join non-Novice events. Command blocked for 1/1 Novices.
@leavebg Use this command to leave the Battlegrounds waiting queue.
@logincmds Used to automate commands when you log in. It's highly recommended that every player uses this at least once to set their preferences!
@me <message> Sends a message about yourself. Example: typing "@me is handsome!" will display: * :<player name> is handsome!: *
@memo <0/1/2> Same as using /memo, but you can pick which slot to overwrite. The 1st slot is 0, the 2nd slot is 1, and the 3rd slot in 2.
@mobinfo <mob name/id> (@mi) Searches the Mob Database
@news Displays the latest Rise of Midgard news.
@noannouncements Enable this to block announcement messages.
@noask Auto-rejects incoming requests, such as party invites or friend requests
@nobgmessages Enable this to block BG broadcast messages.
@nogriefing (@nogf) Use this command to prevent KSing and griefing. See this page for more details.
@nowoemessages Enable this to block WoE-related messages.
@packetfilter <c/g/i> Prevents packets from being sent to your client. c to block chat, i to block item usage, g to block groundskills. Can be used in combination. ex: @packetfilter ig
@partyinfo (@pi) Displays the party's level range, and level/job information for each member. Ignores offline party members. See the Partying page for more details on party settings.
@partymessages Enable this to block party recruitment messages.
@petinfo Displays some information about your Pet.
@petme Similar to @me, except for your pets! Sends a message about your pet.
@pettalk <message> Makes your Pet talk.
@rates Displays the current server rates.
@refresh Refreshes your client to display the correct position of players, monsters, etc. Helps a lot with position lag or visual glitches.
@request <message> Sends a message to every online GMs.
@security This command protects against most changes to your account. This includes items, zeny, trades, buying, selling, character deletion, etc.
@showdelay Displays a cooldown/delay message in chat when trying to use a skill before the cooldown is finished.
@showexp Displays the amount of Base EXP and Job EXP earned and lost.
@showzeny Displays the amount of Zeny earned and lost.
@skillchain Toggles server side skill chaining for your character.
@snprayer This will activate your Super Novice's prayer.
@spb Shows certain buffs for all your party members in the party window as a symbol: Blessing (B), Increase Agility (A), FCP (F), Soul Link (S), Devotion (+)
@survey Use this command to give feedback on certain topics. Some topics may be silly!
@time Displays the server time and date.
@uptime Displays the uptime of the server from the last time it was restarted/closed.
@whereis <monster name/id> Tells you what maps which monsters spawn on
@whodrops <item name/id> (@wd) Gives you a short list of monsters that drop the item you're searching for
@whosell <item name/id> (@ws) Searches all player shops for an item and returns a list of shops selling the item with their locations and prices. See the Whosell page for more details.
@whobuy <item name/id> (@wb) The same as @whosell, but for Buy Shops
@wink <player name> Sends a wink to another player!

Chat Channels

Rise of Midgard has an opt-in #main channel (toggled via @logincmds), #party channel and #trade channel. To type in one of them, put the channel name in the PM box, and say your message.

The #party channel also displays automatic messages based on party recruitment done with /recruit. To see all parties recruiting from this system, you can open the Booking window with /booking. There is also an icon for this labeled "Booking" below the Basic Information window.

Messages sent to the #party channel by way of the recruitment system will be seen by everyone unless they have turned off @partymessages.
You can use @logincmds to disable @partymessages/@join #party on login.
Chat channels can be filtered. You can find the chat filters by clicking the circle icon (2nd icon from the left) at the top right of your chat box. The channel filter is at the very bottom.

Custom NPCs

We have a handful of custom NPCs!
Our Kafra have teleports available to all towns for free, some dungeons (some for free, and others for a zeny fee), party maps and Guild Dungeon warps.
Additionally, each town warp has a Tool Dealer, Healer, DB Room Manager, PvP Warper, WoE Info, and a Bossnia Guard.

A more comprehensive list of NPCs can be found on the Custom NPCs page.

Master Storage

You can use this storage to share items across all accounts linked to your Master Account! You can enable this for characters by talking to a Kafra and selecting Check Other Information. You can also put account-bound items in your Master Storage, with the exception of usable freebies like I40072.gif Field Manuals.

Guild Storage

Every guild has access to a Guild Storage! No castle required, available via Kafra.

Guild Security

The Guild Engineer in the Rising Adventurers Group offers you various Guild security options: He'll let you change Guild Leader, reset Guild Skills, and set a password for your Guild Storage.
Additionally, you can bind items to your guild through him. Any items that are bound through this feature can be immediately returned to Guild Storage if you ask him to do so. This makes it very easy to lend gear to guild members without fear of it being stolen.

Check out the Guild System page for more details regarding Guilds and Guild Security.

Offline Vending

If you close your client or log out while vending, you will automatically use @autotrade - your shop will remain online.

Alchemist Brewing Changes

We have completely removed the Twilight Alchemy skills and replaced them with our own versions: Mass Pharmacy and Maximum Pharmacy.
Mass Pharmacy works just like Pharmacy, but will attempt to brew 200 of the item you select. Maximum Pharmacy is similar, but will attempt to brew the item you select as many times as possible.
These skills will check your storage for ingredients, and all items produced are deposited into your storage.

Full details can be found on the Alchemist Brewing page.

Dungeon Access

You can entirely skip the quests for certain dungeons by using some zeny through the Dungeon Access NPC.
Both normally completing the quest and buying access will allow access to all characters on the same Game Account.

Endless Tower & Endless Cellar Weekly Race

Each week, the fastest party to complete Endless Tower or Endless Cellar will get 5 I40029.gif Ancient Silver Coins, 5 I40030.gif Midgard Coins and 20 I40004.gif Event Coupons as a team reward! You can read more about each race on the corresponding Instance page.

GvG Skill Changes

You can cast Mind Breaker and Provoke on allies on GvG maps. However, Provoke does not increase Asura Strike damage.
Sharpshooting can also be cast on allies as a bridge to hit enemy players, without damaging the allied target.

To view all changes, please see the Custom Changes page.

High-End MVP Changes

Bio3, Ifrit, Valk, and Satan Morroc MVPs will not teleport on Rude Attack. Instead, they will go invulnerable. When they go invulnerable or idle, they heal to full HP and the damage log is reset.
Every MVP, except for Lord of Death, Bio Laboratory 3 MVPs, and quest MVPs, will spawn a Tombstone when they die.
Eske cannot be used on high-end MVPs.

Hidden Enchant Changes

The Hidden Enchant NPC will enchant any armor in the game except Valkyrian Armor. Refinement and cards are kept on success. It costs 800,000z per enchant.

Outcome Chances:

  • +1 Stat: 42%
  • +2 Stat: 36%
  • +3 Stat: 12%
  • Failure: 10%

Job Changing

While we do have a Job Changer, you will be rewarded for first-time completions of job quests. Doing the first job change quest grants you 20,000z and a I7803.gif 30 min +200% EXP Beginner's Manual (this item only works if you're under level 40); doing the second job change quest grants you 100,000z.
The Job Changer does not function past your second job. You will have to do the Rebirth Quest and follow-up using the official quests.
The Rebirth Quest has been changed to allow you to carry any amount of zeny, and up to 500 weight in items. Remember to use all your skill points and to remove your peco, falcon or cart.
High First Class is done at the normal First Job Quest NPC, and Transcendent Second Class is done at one of the NPCs in the Valkyrie map.
If you need Quest Skills after Rebirth, there is an NPC in the Valkyrie map that will give them to you.

Homunculus Autoloot

Homunculus do not autoloot.

Guild Antagonist

If two guilds agree to set each other as "Antagonist," the two guilds can engage each other (PvP) everywhere except towns! More details can be found here.

Improved Ranking System

Rankings for Alchemist, Blacksmith and TaeKwon classes are not limited to the Top 10. You can be ranked as long as you are either in the Top 10 or have the following amount of points:

  • Alchemist: 50,000 points
  • Blacksmith: 1,000 points
  • TaeKwon: 100 points

Improved Kill-Stealing Prevention

We have an improved version of the @noks command, which we called @nogriefing (@nogf). To see the full details on how it works, see this page.

Testing Area

You can test your damage and DPS by hitting the Test Dummies at /navi prontera 217/75. You can even change the Test Dummy's race, size, element, element level, DEF and MDEF, as well as easily change it's stats to any existing monster's stats (by using their Mob ID - you can obtain that from using the @mobinfo/@mi command).

You can also practice repairing Guardian Stones and Barricades in this area.

Client Features

Master Accounts

When you register an account for Rise of Midgard, this will make both your Master Account and a single Game Account.
Logging into the Control Panel requires your Master Account email and password. It is highly recommended that you only make one Master Account. You can create additional Game Accounts at the top of the Control Panel page when logged in.

Your Master Account will keep your Game Accounts easily organized, allow you to transfer Cash Points between all of your Game Accounts, store items in a shared Master Storage, and potentially more in the future!

Client Customization

We have a special configuration file that allows for some cool client customization options.
Once you've installed the game and fully patched, you'll find a file called rise.cfg in your installation folder.
To get started, open the file with Notepad or your favorite text editor.
You can change the in-game Font Type and Font Size, disable custom dye colors, enable Frostdelays, and enable certain effects to be shown even when you use /effect!

For the most part, this file is self-explanatory. Close your client and then open the file in Notepad. If a feature has a ; in front of it, remove it to enable the feature. Otherwise, swap 0s and 1s to disable or enable features. Make sure to save, and then you can re-open your client!

Common Effects List.

View this page for a guide.


This is for more advanced players. If you're new to Ragnarok or don't want to get very technical, you may not want to use this.

SimpleROHook is very similar to RCX, but with less features. It's integrated with the RoM client, and you change its settings using in-game commands. Its function includes: changing cell colors for skills, view dead cells, show ranges around your character, and more.

View this page for more details.