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When did the server launch?

Rise of Midgard opened its gates on January 6th, at 22:00 GMT+0!

What were the bonuses for pre-registering before RoM's launch?

Players who pre-registered received an Amistr Backpack, a DDoS Cap and a 24-hour 50% XP Book.

Account Management

Can I delete my account?

Sorry, but no. The process to delete an account is intensive and requires database access, something staff members do not have. If you do not want to receive emails from Rise of Midgard, you can edit your Master Account on the main website to disallow emails.

Can I merge my Master Accounts?

If you have registered multiple Master Accounts, we can merge them together into one. You will have to verify you own both Master Accounts. Items in Master Storage will not be moved.

This process will require a support ticket with the following form:

First Master Account Email:
First Master Account Birthday:
Second Master Account Email:
Second Master Account Birthday:
Which Account to Merge Into:

You will receive a follow-up message when the merge has been completed.

Can I move characters between accounts?

Before we get to the meat of this question, if the character is a Level 1 Novice... Please just delete the character and remake it on the account you would like it to be moved to.

Now then! The process of moving characters between game accounts is rather simple. We will only move characters between accounts that have the same Master Account.

Follow these steps below:

  • Leave any guild or party your character is in.
  • Submit a support ticket with the following:
Character Name:
Current Game Account:
New Game Account:
  • The character will be placed in the first free position slot. You do not get to choose.
  • The accounts must be offline for the character to be moved. If you are online, you will be asked to logout.
  • You will receive a follow-up message when the transfer has been completed.

How do I delete a character?

The birth date you used on registration is used to verify character deletions. Fill in your birthday in the format YY-MM-DD and then your character will be marked for deletion. When the numbers above the character turn blue, you can click Delete again to delete the character.

I forgot the Birthdate on my account!

Don't remember what birth date you entered because it's 2017, so who uses their real birthday? Submit a support ticket or contact an Admin.

Help! I think I've been hacked!

If you suspect your account of being hacked, change your passwords and contact support immediately either in-game, on Discord, or through the support page. Direct contact with staff will get you faster results. Please provide as much information as you can, such as your last login date, when you think the account was improperly accessed, etc.

Our procedure for handling hacking is rather simple:

  1. We will verify that the account is actually yours. This is done with a combination of information: email, birth date, IP address, and MAC address.
  2. The hacked account will be locked and no longer accessible. If someone is on your account, they will be kicked.
  3. If you have not done so, you will be required to change your passwords.
  4. Item movement and character deletions can be tracked for legitimacy. If we can return them, we will. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the return of your items.
  5. If you do not require item tracking, your accounts will be unlocked and you will be able to play again.

If you choose to have your items evaluated, this process can take several days and you will be locked out of your account until completed.

The best way to avoid being hacked is to use strong passwords and to not share accounts! If you must share accounts, because this is 2016, please make sure your game account password is different from your Master Account password. Additionally, use @security to protect your characters and items.

I've lost an item, can you find it for me?

Searching for missing items is extremely time-consuming. We only have one staff member that will search for missing items: Asela.

Asela's decision to search for your item(s) is at her discretion and based on her availability.

Does Pre-Trans WoE or Pre-Trans mechanics exists in the main server?

No, Pre-Trans WoE currently only exists in the WoE-Ready Server as the Classic WoE. In that WoE, Pre-Trans mechanics will be active.

What stats does pets give?

Pets gives the standard official bonuses, no special skills are given, like Perfect Hide. You can also check the description of the pet eggs to see what bonuses they offer.

What version of Venom Splasher does RoM use?

There is no HP requirement on the target for this skill to work, and the damage is divided by the number of targets in a 3x3 area.