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Custom NPCs

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This page contains information on most of Rise of Midgard's custom NPCs.

General NPCs

These NPCs are common to every town.


4 XMAS CAT6.gif The Healer will fully recover your HP and SP. This has a 60 second cooldown. It costs 3,000z to use this NPC when you are above level 90.
If you have any broken items, the Healer will offer to repair your broken items for 50z per item.
During WoE hours, the Healer will give out complimentary buffs: Blessing and Increase Agility.
You can also configure the Healer automatically use Magnifiers to identify items when used, as well as skipping the dialogue box if you're over level 90. To enable these options, speak with any Kafra NPC and go to Check Other Information, and then Healer Settings.


4 F KAFRA1.gif
Warp Kafras have free warps to towns.
Warps to Newbie Dungeons cost zeny per entry.
A Guild Dungeon warp is 30,000z.
You can set your Home City in the Check Other Information section of the Kafra. This will put a warp to that city's save point at the top of your warp list.
Map Cost
Ant Hell 0z
Byalan Tunnel 250z
Byalan Tunnel F3 4,000z
Clock Tower B3 4,000z
Clock Tower F3 4,000z
Glast Heim 4,000z
Glast Heim Cave 40,000z
Labyrinth Forest 0z
Magma Nogg Road F2 4,000z
Mjolnir Dead-Pit 1,700z
Morroc Pyramid 0z
Orc Dungeon 1,700z
Prontera Culvert 0z
Payon Cave 0z
Sphinx 500z
Sunken Ship 250z
Toy Factory F2 4,000z
Turtle Island 4,000z
Storage Kafras will allow you to access your storage for 0z.
Guild Storage Kafras will allow you to access your Guild Storage (if you're in one) for 0z.
Master Storage Kafras will allow you to access your Master Storage for 0z. You can disable the Master Storage option in the Check Other Information section of the Kafra.
Cart Rental Kafras will lend you a Pushcart for 500z if you have Pushcart leveled.
Check Other Information You can manage various settings here, such as Home City settings, enable/disable Master Storage for an account, change Healer settings (Auto-Identify to automatically use a Magnifier to identify items when using the Healer, Fast Healing to skip the Healer NPC's dialogue box), add a password to your storage, and change the storage order displayed in the Kafra menu.

Tool Dealer

4 M 01.gif Tool Dealers sell and buy items.
Image Name Cost
Fly Wing 60z
Butterfly Wing 300z
Magnifier 40z
Green Potion 40z
Red Potion 50z
Orange Potion 200z
Yellow Potion 550z
White Potion 1,200z
Panacea 500z
Concentration Potion 800z
Awakening Potion 1,500z
Berserk Potion 3,000z
Trap 100z
Arrow 1z
Silver Arrow 3z
Fire Arrow 3z
Blue Gemstone 600z
Red Gemstone 1,200z
Yellow Gemstone 2,400z
Yggdrasil Leaf 4,000z
Window Shopper Catalogue 100z
Bargain Hunter's Catalogue 5,000z
Speed Potion 19,000z
Bulk Buyer Shop License 20z
Black Market Bulk Buyer Shop License 500z

Dead Branch Room

4 M KNIGHT SILVER.gif The Dead Branch Room Manager has warps to maps for Dead Branch use. There are two different types of rooms: Public and Private.
Public Rooms Anyone can enter a Public Room, and all mobs are FFA. There are two Public Rooms.
Private Rooms There are 2 Private Rooms that can be rented for either 2,000,000z for 6 hours or 500,000z for 2 hours. The cheaper one doesn't include a healer and you can't use Abracadabra inside. These are instanced for the party, so if the party breaks or the room is empty for 30 minutes, the instance closes.

PVP/BG Warper

4 M REDMAN.gif The PVP & BG Warper will warp you to the PVP and Battleground rooms.

For more information on these rooms, check Player vs Player and Battlegrounds.

WoE Info Board

4 BOARD3.gif Shows when WoEs are and economies of castles.

Rising Adventurers Group NPCs

We have replaced the somewhat traditional "Prontera Office" with the Rising Adventurers Group. Find a whole host of NPCs there ready to assist you! The Rising Adventurers Group is available in the Kafra Warp List.

Left of Prontera fountain

Build Manager

4 M TELEPORTER.gif The Build Manager will store two builds for you at the cost of 2,000,000z per slot. Cannot be used while you are level 80 or lower. Stores both stats and skills! Can be used at any time to swap between builds. After changing builds, all self-buffs will be removed, except for certain effects like EXP Manuals and ASPD Potions. Buffs received by others (except for Marionette Control) will not be removed.

He is located at /navi rom_hub 20/36 on the first floor.

Cash Hat Previewer

4 M JP MID.gif Try out hats like a proper fashionista. He will allow you to browse through all the hats we have to offer. He is located at /navi rom_hub 34/36 on the first floor.


4 F GEFFEN FAY.gif This lovely lady will costume hats or swap certain costumes for the same costume for a different headgear slot. She is located at /navi rom_hub 38/36 on the first floor.

Dungeon Access

4 F LUCILE.gif The Dungeon Access NPC sells account-wide dungeon access for zeny. The cost is dependent on the dungeon.

She is located at /navi rom_hub 48/184 on the second floor.

Dungeon Cost
Amatsu Dungeon 50,000z
Ayothaya Dungeon 500,000z
Kiel Robot Factory 4,000,000z
Nameless Island 3,000,000z
Rachel Sanctuary 2,000,000z
Somatology Laboratory 2,000,000z
New World Access 4,000,000z

Event Trader

4 M MAYOR.gif If you have Event Coupons from our events, you are able to exchange them here for items! He is located at /navi rom_hub 20/176 on the second floor.

Guild Engineer

4 M SWORDMAN.gif The Guild Engineer offers administrator options to Guild Leaders. He is located at /navi rom_hub 28/15.
See Guild System.

Instance Rewards

4 F NYDHOG.gif Gives out rewards to the fastest parties that clear Endless Tower and Endless Cellar. She is located at /navi rom_hub 14/16 on the first floor.

Wave Mode

4 m jp dish.gif Tower Defense in RO...except you are the towers! An unique instance that can be found at /navi rom_hub 14/20 on the first floor. See the Wave Modes page for more details.

Job Changer

4 M MINISTER.gif The Job Master lets you job change if you're a Pre-Trans class. It costs 0z to change to a First Class job, and 30,000z to change to a Second Class job. If you do your job quests instead, you get 20,000z and a I7803.gif 30 min +200% EXP Beginner's Manual (which only works if you're under level 40) for your first job, and 100,000z for your second job.

He can be found at /navi rom_hub 27/36 on the first floor

Points Trader

4 f premi.gif Trade your character's Rising Points, your Referral Points, or your Voting Points for sweet loot. She is located at /navi rom_hub 40/165 on the second floor.

Reset Girl

4 F TELEPORTER.gif The Reset Girl will reset your stats, skills, or both. If you are below level 80, resets are free. Upon reaching level 80, the first reset is free, and each subsequent reset costs 500,000z, 500,000z, and 750,000z for skills, stats, and both, respectively. Also resets SG Feelings for 500,000z. After resetting, all self-buffs will be removed, except for certain effects like EXP Manuals and ASPD Potions. Buffs received by others (except for Marionette Control) will not be removed.

She is located at /navi rom_hub 23/36 on the first floor.

WoE Trader

4 M LAZY.gif Trade your character's WoE Tokens for special hats or create Repair Kits for War of Emperium. He is located at /navi rom_hub 23/176 on the second floor. Can also be found in the Battlegrounds Lobby.


4 f jp oz.gif He can craft popular headgear for you. He is located at /navi rom_hub 42/36 on the first floor. See the Crafting System page for more details.

Dwarf Weaponsmith

4 m dwarf.gif He can craft many popular weapons for you. He is located at /navi rom_hub 33/184 on the second floor. See the Crafting System page for more details.

Dwarf Armorsmith

1 m hof.gif He can craft popular armor for you. He is located at /navi rom_hub 38/184 on the second floor. See the Crafting System page for more details.

Hawks (Hunting Mission)

4 m job hunter.gif Hawks will assign you a mission for your Daily Hunting Quest. He is located at /navi rom_hub 163/39 in the room to the right. See the Hunting Mission page for more details.

Yuri (Hunting Mission)

4 m yuri.gif You can redeem your Hunting Points for rewards from Yuri. He is located at /navi rom_hub 167/40 in the room to the right. See the Hunting Mission page for more details.

Card Collector

4 f jp14thevt.gif Exchange I4001.gif Cards for I40088.gif Card Album Pages at this NPC, which can then be turned into I616.gif Old Card Albums! She's located at /navi rom_hub 14/167 on the second floor. See the Card Collector page for more details.

Eccentric Blacksmith

4 M TUFFOLD.gif Exchange I40029.gif Ancient Silver Coins for I40089.gif Emperium Hammers or zeny, I6090.gif Refined Bradium and I985.gif Elunium for I6291.gif Enriched Elunium at this NPC. He will also refine your armor for you using the I6291.gif Enriched Elunium he creates! He's located at /navi rom_hub 13/183 on the second floor. See the Blacksmith Forging and Refinement Bonus pages for more details.


4 m shadowchaser.gif If you're a Rogue or Stalker with the Plagiarism skill learned, the Plagiarist NPC can allow you to learn a skill that's copyable with Plagiarism at a cost of 30,000z per use. He's located at /navi rom_hub 186/28 in the room to the right.


4 m melody.gif Zinnia's here to help those trying to Rise. See the Rising System page for more details. He's located at /navi rom_hub 133/17 on the second floor.

Prontera NPCs

These NPCs are unique to Prontera.

Alchemist Assistant

4 M ALCHE B.gif Blacksmith loc.png The Alchemist Assistant sells items required for Alchemist Brewing. He can be found at /navi prontera 184/216.
Image Name Cost
Medicine Bowl 8z
Empty Potion Bottle 10z
Empty Test Tube 3z
Scell 160z
Glass Tube 5,000z
Morning Dew of Yggdrasil 20,000z
Seed of Life 60,000z

Blacksmith Assistant

1 M SMITH.gif Blacksmith loc.png The Blacksmith Assistant sells the items required for Forging. He can be found at /navi prontera 172/228.
Image Name Cost
Mini Furnace 150z
Iron Hammer 1,000z
Golden Hammer 3,000z
Oridecon Hammer 5,000z
Anvil 30,000z
Oridecon Anvil 120,000z
Golden Anvil 300,000z


1 F MERCHANT 01.gif The Gear Enchantress will enchant any body armor (except Valkyrian Armor) for either 800,000z or an Enchanting Coupon. Refinement and cards are kept on success.

Success Rates:

  • +1 Stat: 42%
  • +2 Stat: 36%
  • +3 Stat: 12%
  • Failure: 10%%


4 F PINKWOMAN.gif I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!~ She is also at the Novice Grounds and Novice Event Island