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This page will list all of our custom server changes. Please let us know if you think anything is missing or incorrect.


  • Partying & Experience Changes
  • Commands
  • Customize your client using rise.cfg. You can change the font type, font size, enable certain effects to show even when effects are disabled via /effect, and enable Frostdelays. You can also disable clothing and hair dyes, and RCX-related settings. See this page for more details.
  • Zeny is account-based instead of character-based.
  • Master Storage is implemented and allows you to share items across all Game Accounts linked under your Master Account. You can store 900 items in the Master Storage.
  • Storage and Guild Storage space is increased to 900.
  • Famelist (Rankings) has been modified; instead of purely being for the Top 10, you can also be ranked if you meet a certain point requirement:
    • Alchemist: 50,000
    • Blacksmith: 1,000
    • TaeKwon: 100
  • You can create parties as a level 1/1 Novice (no need for job levels).
  • Your Pets and Homunculus cannot run away from you.


  • Twilight Alchemy skills have been replaced with Mass Pharmacy and Maximum Pharmacy. Mass Pharmacy will brew 200 of any brewable item, and Maximum Pharmacy will brew as many items as you have supplies for. See the Alchemist Brewing page for more details.
  • Aqua Benedicta will attempt to create as many I523.gifHoly Water as you have I713.gifEmpty Bottles in your inventory.
  • Bowling Bash does a 3x3 attack around the target, then pushes the target up to 5 cells away, or until first collision, and then does the second 3x3 attack around the target.
  • Abracadabra changes:
    • Chance to get Class Change has been increased from 0.03% to 0.09% and includes all MVPs except for those found in Bio Laboratory F3.
    • Abracadabra is disabled in towns; you'll need to use a field map or DB room.
    • Taming Monster has been added to the Abracadabra skill list.
    • MVP monsters spawned from Abracadabra through the Class Change skill will not drop cards.
  • Lord Knights can talk while in Berserk status.
  • First Aid Quest can be done by anyone.
  • Arrow Crafting I993.gifGreen Live, I991.gifCrystal Blue, and I992.gifWind of Verdure will give you 300 arrows instead of 150. Their counterparts (I997.gif Great Nature, I995.gif Mystic Frozen, I996.gif Rough Wind) have also been boosted.
  • TaeKwon stances will no longer be dispelled when logging out.
  • Devotion shield buffs will correctly transfer to the Devotion target. The shield buff icons will also display for the Devotion target.
  • Mystical Amplification updates your MATK in the status window as well as has a buff icon that is active while your MATK is raised.
  • Party Share and Devotion level range has been increased to 15 levels.
  • Chaotic Blessings no longer has a delay.
  • Cart Revolution now pushes mobs in directions other than left.
  • Magic Rod is silent-casted.
  • Traps are always visible.
  • Vending/Buying Shop is available in all towns and fields, excluding dungeons. Prontera has dedicated vending rows. Vending/Buying Shop is disabled near Town NPCs. Logging out with a Vending/Buying Shop open will enable automatic autotrade (@at / @autotrade). Autotrade will last for 48 hours before the vender gets disconnected.
  • Falcon Assault range is 9 and is not affected by Vulture's Eye (official)
  • Aura Blade and Concentration have buff icons.
  • B.S Sacramenti will work as long as there are two Acolyte classes in any of the surrounding 8 cells. Position and direction do not matter.
  • Plant Cultivation has a hard delay, and using Plant Cultivation Lv1 will spawn special mushrooms that do not drop I990.gifRed Blood or I991.gifCrystal Blue. Items that drop from cards or equipment will no longer work on these special mushrooms except for: I12118.gifI12119.gifI12120.gifI12121.gif Elemental Resist Potions and I12029.gif Boxes of Gloom. These mushrooms have 1x drop rate (normal non-cultivated mushrooms still have 3x drop rate).
  • Reflect Shield will no longer trigger autocast spells.
  • Reflect cards will only be triggered by skills with no damage.
  • Exploding Dragon will not work on Land Protector.
  • Kyrie Eleison and Kaite will fail when cast on friendly, non-party/guild members that have Assumptio.
  • You will not be able to gain experience while auto-trading.
  • Getting Frozen without getting damaged will keep you stuck in place.
  • Guild Passives will affect an area of 9x9. This is one cell larger than Bragi on each side (same cell size as a Bard/Dancer ensemble). This change only applies to PvM. In PVP/BG/GVG, the effect is still 5x5.
  • Iron Ore Tempering now has a mega furnace that attempts to craft 50 ores at a time.
  • Max timer skill count reduced from 50 to 25 (would affect Meteor Storm the most).
  • eAthena emulation for Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion interaction with Land Protector.
  • Official behavior for Meteor Storm and Land Protector interaction - every Meteor remains independent.
  • Official behavior for Sharp Shooting, but splash damage lines are fixed.
  • Old behavior for Claymore and Blast Mine traps (Damage is multiplied for every monster it hits at once). How Claymore/Blast Mine damage is processed has been modified: Instead of sending multiple hits to your client, the damage will be multiplied by the number of hits and only one hit will be sent. Mathematically, you are doing the same damage.
  • Provoke and Gospel's Double Attack buff does not increase Asura Strike damage.
  • Mr. Kim A Rich Man does not work outside of party.
  • Grand Cross is using the pre-trans formula (always does 3 hits).
  • Preserve cannot be dispelled by Tarot Card of Fate.
  • Taekwon Mission will now count mobs if their name is the same (for example, all Goblin kills will count if your target monster is Goblin).
  • Venom Splasher has no HP requirement.
  • Auto-Attack is not canceled/stopped by an autocasted Sonic Blow.
  • Super Novices can activate their prayer with @snprayer.
  • Backstab doesn't automatically turn around your target.
  • We use the official Tarot Card of Fate chances (in Athena servers, it's 7.14% to get any of the cards).
Tarot Card of Fate - Card Chances  
Tarot Card Chance
Teleport 15%
Reduce SP to 0 10%
MATK -50% 10%
ATK -50% 10%
Super Dispell (including Full Chemical Protection) 10%
ATK/MATK/Flee Rate/HIT/DEF -20% 10%
Break Armor, Helm or Shield (it cannot break Shoes or Garment) 7%
Chaos 7%
Stop, Freeze or Stone Curse 7%
Coma 5%
Stun 5%
4444 Damage 2%
6666 Damage, Curse, ATK/MATK -50% 1%
2x Tarot Cards 1%
  • Auto-spells from attacking or getting hit does not cause animations or walk delays
  • Potion Pitcher works on any players, not just party and guild members.
  • Plant-type monsters can be hit by multi-hit skills, such as TaeKwon kicks, Sonic Blow, Fire Bolt, etc.
  • Gunslinger's Coin Flip success chance is: 50%/60%/70%/80%/90%.
  • Spider Web (Fiber Lock)'s range is 9 cells.


  • Monster Changes
  • Map Spawn Changes
  • Mob looters will respect loot timers. Porings and other mobs will not loot until the timer is up. This includes MVP drops.
  • Bio Laboratory 3 MVPs, Ifrit, and Valkyrie Randgris will not teleport on rude attack. Instead, they will go invulnerable. When they go invulnerable or idle, they will full heal and the damage log will reset. In combination with this, there is a short delay between a monster going idle and using idle skills to prevent MVPs from full healing on target switch.
  • Eske cannot be used on high-end MVPs.
  • Tarot Card of Fate will no longer make high-end MVPs teleport.
  • Tombstones for MVPs are enabled (except for Lord of Death, Bio Laboratory 3 MVPs, and quest MVPs). Wounded Morroc has a tombstone.
  • Hitlock has been enabled on minibosses.
  • Wraith Dead, Mini Demon and Zombie Master in the Britoniah (Geffen) Guild Dungeon (gld_dun04) drops a I40103.gif RoM Guild Supply Box at a 6% chance. Opening this box will give you 5 I1061.gif Witched Starsand, 3 I510.gif Blue Herb, 1 I905.gif Stem and 1 I12029.gif Box of Gloom.
  • MVP Speedruns are available for high-end MVPs. See the MVP Speedrun page for more details.
  • Galion's slave, Roween, will give EXP and drop loot for the first spawn.
  • Homunculus only kills do not trigger quest item drops (same as autoloot setting).
  • Sedora and Sropho are mini-boss status.


Be sure to check the Custom Items page for most of our custom items, and the Item Changes page for a list of all the modified official items.


  • Map Spawn Changes
  • Revisited Beginner Island - More beginner-friendly.
  • Teleport has been enabled in Amatsu Dungeon F1.
  • Memo and Teleport are allowed in the cities of Einbech, Einbroch, Yuno and Lighthalzen. Memo is also allowed in most fields except MVP maps.
  • Satan Morroc and Dimensional Gorge are implemented, but Satan didn't destroy Morroc or the nearby field maps, so you can access both! Talk to the Soldier just north of Morroc South to access Dimensional Gorge.
  • A Storage Assistant NPC is available at every dungeon entrance.
  • The Nidhoggr instance has been changed to a non-instanced/normal map. You still need to do the quest to enter, however.
  • Land Protector is disabled in towns.
  • Towns that have inns have their interiors flagged as a town - As such, certain AoE skills won't work inside, like Storm Gust and Land Protector.
  • A duplicate version of Abbey F3 (abbey03) is in the Warper, known as Shadow Abbey (rom_abbey). Anyone can enter this map, but you won't be able to go to Abbey F2 from there, Beelzebub is not there, and Banshees on this floor don't drop I2528.gif Wool Scarf (1).


  • The Healer will heal you once every 90 seconds and will repair any broken items you have for the normal repair cost.
  • The Hidden Enchant NPC will enchant any armor in the game except I2357.gif Valkyrian Armor(1). I4001.gif Cards will also not be removed from armor when the enchantment is successful.
  • Hugel Bingo only takes 1 player to start. Prizes have been removed in exchange for I40004.gif Event Coupons.
  • The Geffenia portal will no longer spam Geffen; the message about the portal being opened will only show if the portal was closed when it was opened.
  • Official PvP NPCs have been removed, use our custom PvP Warper found in every town instead.
  • You can dye your I33224.gif Costume Feather Beret to another color from the Dye NPC at South Prontera using a I6220.gif Mysterious Dyestuffs.


  • All job quests reward zeny for first-time completions (once per account). Doing the first job change quest grants you 20,000z and a 30 min +200% EXP Field Manual; doing the second job change quest grants you 100,000z.
  • It costs 30,000z if you want to skip the second job change quest via the Job Changer.
  • Merchant Job Quest will not prevent you from using the Kafras.
  • Bard Job Quest will check the trunks in a reverse order, checking for the better item first.
  • Amatsu Dungeon Quest does not give EXP.
  • Access to certain dungeons can be purchased from the Dungeon Access NPC in Prontera. This let's you skip doing entry quests for a fee, and access is account-wide.
  • The Job Changer does not function past your second job. You will have to do the Rebirth Quest and follow-up using the official quests.
  • The Rebirth Quest has been changed to allow you to carry any amount of zeny, and up to 500 weight in items.
  • Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest added.
  • Endless Tower's and Endless Cellar's cooldowns are set to 6 days 18 hours. There's no EXP loss when dying in those instance maps.
  • Octopus Cave's cooldown is set to 18 hours.
  • Thanatos Tower will let everyone past floor 7 if they are level 80 or higher. You still need to do the quest.
  • High Priests can now assist Acolytes in becoming Priests during the Priest Job Change quest.
  • The Onward to the New World Quest doesn't require you to kill Mobsters at the end.
  • For the Report from the New World Quest, you have a greater chance at finding more pages than before (2/6 chance to get 2 pages, 2/6 chance to get 3 pages, 1/6 chance to get 4 pages and 1/6 chance to get 5 pages) and the time limit to get new pages has been reduced from 30 to 5 minutes. You also cannot create duplicate Volumes anymore.
  • The Sign Quest's dancing portion has its time slightly increased between steps to help those with higher ping.
  • The Sign Quest's wait times for handing out the Sign item to Metz and Engel Howard has been reduced to 1 hour.
  • You can't fail the Sign Quest anymore.
  • Sir Jore in the Sign Quest is now always available. Strange Guy is available from 13:00 to 04:00 server time.
  • Ayothaya Dungeon Quest's item requirements has changed: The first part requires 1 I1059.gif Fabric, 1 I1022.gif Nine Tail, 1 I7190.gif Solid Husk and 1 I523.gif Holy Water. The second part requires 2 I523.gif Holy Water, 1 I610.gif Yggdrasil Leaf, 2 I1059.gif Fabric and 2 I1022.gif Nine Tail.
  • Monk's Ki Translation platinum skill quest allows to hold up to 500 weight to learn the skill.
  • Dandelion's Request Quest is removed (Official).
  • The chance to fish up the I6037.gif Messy File for the Tripatriate Union's Feud Quest has increased to 50% from 5%.
  • Episode 13.3 Quests that had a Base Level requirement of over 99 have been adjusted to be level 80.
  • Quest Satan Morroc is an instance. There is no cooldown on the instance should you fail. Killing him does not lock the map, moc_fild21.
  • The Sealed Shrine (Catacomb) instance allows re-entry if you get disconnected or leave the instance.
  • The boat in the Finding The Moving Island (Moscovia Dungeon Entrance) quest is always available (always a low tide).
  • Repeatable EXP Quests are implemented, however, Sharp Leaf and Antelope Horn quests is capped to Level 80 instead of 86.
  • For the Veins Siblings quest, the chance to obtain a Camel Dung has increased from 1/3 to 2/3 on each attempt.

PvP-Related Changes

  • War of Emperium
  • Battlegrounds
  • WoE-Ready Server
  • Provoke and Mind Breaker can be used on allies in GvG maps. Provoke does not increase Asura Strike damage.
  • Maximum guild positions/titles is 40.
  • Land skills such as Land Protector and traps are removed on death in BG.
  • A sign near the Castle Economy sign will display a timer until WoE on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Guilds have a new skill called Premium Guild Extension which gives 40 slots.
  • Super Novices do not lose their no-death bonus when dying in BG, PvP, or GvG maps.
  • Ice Wall has been disabled on castle entrance maps.
  • I12016.gif Speed Potion lasts 20 seconds on WoE and BG maps.
  • Kaizel is disabled in Battlegrounds.
  • Battleground rounds that are at least 30vs30 will earn double badges.
  • Emergency Call is disabled in KVM and in BG dead zones.
  • Skills that use Zeny do not consume Zeny on any maps where BG supplies are allowed.

Renewal Content in Pre-Renewal

  • Baylan Dungeon F6 is implemented with Pre-Renewal stats and slight drop adjustments. It costs 5,000z to enter.
  • Many Renewal and custom instances have been implemented. See this page for more details.

Custom Items

See the Custom Items page.