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I6152.gif The Luckiest Lucky Charms event

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I6152.gif Features

Beginner Leveling Boost (Onboarding System) ♦️ Events ♦️ Rising System ♦️ Alert System ♦️ Daily Map Spotlight ♦️ Hunting Missions ♦️ Pets ♦️ Guild System ♦️ Cash Shop

I6152.gif NPCs

Custom NPCs ♦️ Stylist ♦️ Card Collector

I6152.gif Instances

Bossnia ♦️ Endless Tower ♦️ Endless Cellar ♦️ MVP Speedrun ♦️ Octopus Cave ♦️ Old Glast Heim ♦️ Wave Modes

I6152.gif Crafting

Crafting System ♦️ Socket Enchant ♦️ Refinement Bonus ♦️ Alchemist Brewing ♦️ Blacksmith Forging

I6152.gif Rewards

Daily Login Rewards ♦️ Friend Referral ♦️ Voting Shop ♦️ Guild Packs

I6152.gif Changes

Custom Changes ♦️ Custom Items ♦️ Partying ♦️ Map Spawn Changes ♦️ Monster Changes ♦️ Memo List

I6152.gif PvP Environment

War of Emperium ♦️ WoE-Ready Server ♦️ Battlegrounds ♦️ Ragnarok World Championship (RWC)