Game and Forum Rules

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Game and Forum Rules

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Do not:
  • Harass, flame, or share personal information of other members.
    • This includes, but is not limited to: phone numbers, pictures, and private life information.
    • Flaming is only tolerated inside the WoE News Times section, however any topics found crossing a line will be dealt with.
  • Post immoral, offensive, abusive, pornographic, xenophobic, extremist, political, religious, revisionist, defamatory, racist or any other content that is offensive in nature.
    • Exceptions are respectful and considerate debates about religion and politics.
  • Post multiple topics with the same content or necropost topics.
  • Advertise other servers or games.
  • Post YouTube or Twitch videos from other servers.
    • Exceptions are videos from your own channel to support your point in the context of an argument, or inside the Off Topic section.
  • Create multiple accounts under the same IP address.
    • Exceptions will be made if you have family members or roommates that created accounts.
  • Go off topic inside the following sections:
    • Suggestions, General Discussions
    • Exception is the Off Topic section
  • Use any language other than English outside of the WoE News Times section.
    • Exceptions are limited to support requests via our ticket system.

Users who are found to be repeat offenders will be removed from the forums. Additional in-game punishments may be applied.

Important Information:
We reserve the right to make any necessary decisions to ensure the security and peace on this forum. Communicating with the community is very important to us and we would like to keep a friendly ambiance. If you are feeling bad about something, please remember that there is no need to be aggressive or offensive to make your voice heard. We are reading and taking each opinion into consideration.



  • Before reporting something, try to resolve it on your own first.
    • If someone breaks a rule, clearly make them aware of it and politely ask them to not do it again.
    • If the player continues his/her rule-breaking behavior despite your messages, you can call a GM using the @request command or submit evidence via the ticket system.
  • After your report, a GM will contact you and may request additional information.
    • Screenshots, chat logs (no .txt files or copy-pastes from .txt files), links to relevant forum posts and/or videos of gameplay (replay function).
  • From here on, the GM Team will handle the situation.
  • Do not harass or insult players before or after reporting them as it could nullify your case.
    • Example: “Enjoy your ban!”


  • You are the primary one responsible for your account security.
  • Account-sharing is not encouraged.
    • Shared accounts will not receive any “missing item”-related support.
  • Stolen accounts will not be recovered by staff.
  • Multiclienting is allowed with a few limitations.
    • Prohibited in events and Battlegrounds
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to another player’s account is prohibited.


  • The act of openly directing players to irrelevant or rival websites outside of the official Rise of Midgard website, its forums, or trusted third party “help” sites such as RateMyServer or iROWiki, is prohibited.
    • This includes, but is not limited to: other servers, adult websites, sites designed to be offensive in nature, and commercial advertising.


  • Multiclienting and AFKing is automatically disabled and monitored in Battlegrounds.
    • If you are caught bypassing this rule, your account will be immediately banned. If you are caught again, your master account and MAC/IP will be banned.
  • Joining Battlegrounds without the intention of helping your team is prohibited.
  • Intentionally taking turns in winning and losing, such as making sure the other team wins by not attacking or defending, is not allowed.


  • Exploiting bugs that give you any sort of advantage in-game is not allowed and will be punished.
  • Reporting game-breaking bugs will be rewarded.


  • Our server is international: Every language is welcome, but it is required that you speak English when contacted by a GM. If you wish to speak another language with a GM, please ask if he/she supports your language.
  • Messages, vending titles, chat titles, character names, or guild names that contain immoral, offensive, abusive, pornographic, xenophobic, extremist, political, religious, revisionist, defamatory or racist content are not allowed and will be changed by a staff member without further warning.
  • Begging players for items/etc. is prohibited.


  • Impersonating a member of the staff of RoM will lead you to a direct Master Account ban.
  • Pretending to be a GM is prohibited; creating a character with a name similar to a GM’s with the intent to deceive others will be punished.
  • GMs will never ask you for your items or your password.
  • GMs will never lure you into a chatroom in-game and offer a GM position.
  • GMs are automatically prevented from trading, selling, buying, storing, sending or dropping any items or zeny.
  • GMs will not give a player an advantage over the others such as, but not limited to: leeching, tanking, or unnecessary recalling.
  • Players who witness a GM displaying any malicious and/or unprofessional behavior should report that GM to administration as soon as possible via private message.


  • Griefing is the action of purposely trying, or succeeding in, ruining or disturbing another player’s gameplay experience, and is forbidden.
    • What constitutes as griefing:
      • Stalking: following a player or party around a map constantly stealing their kills and interfering with their leveling, beyond random encounters;
      • Baiting: leading monsters to a character or party without their permission with the intention of killing that character or party;
      • Warp Portal: The act of using Warp Portal to force players to warp in an undesired manner.
        • This includes, but is not limited to: opening portals under players in the hopes of warping them from a spot, etc.
      • Interruption: This is defined as the act of using another party’s resources to gain EXP and/or hinder the party from gaining EXP without their consent.
        • This includes, but is not limited to: using a party’s songs to cast skills and gain EXP, using a party’s mob to gain EXP, destroying defensive structures to get a party killed (ex. breaking an Ice Wall), etc.
  • Any action towards a public Hocus Pocus party, or an MvP on its map is not considered griefing. The same goes for a Dead Branch or a Hocus Pocus party using the free room, accessible through the DB Room Manager NPC in every town.
    • To protect your party against griefing, consider renting a private room.


  • The original (first) player (or their Homunculus) attacking, attacked by, followed by, having trapped, or trapped by a monster owns that monster.
    • MvPs are not included in this rule.
  • We highly encourage our players to use the commands @noks or @nogf in order to prevent the loss of XP and items in case of a KS.


  • Selling in-game Rise of Midgard content (such as, but not limited to: account, zeny, item, donation-credits...) for out-of-game profit is not allowed.
  • The game, our forum as well as external forums, are all monitored and all accounts involved will be banned.


  • Botting is not allowed and will lead to a direct Master Account ban.
    • This includes, but is not limited to: the use of botting software (Openkore, xkore…), and automated macros to kill monsters, automatically teleport, loot items.
  • Other cheats such as Freewalk, True Sight and NoDelay are blocked server-side.
  • The utilization of Hold, Titan is punishable with a Master Account ban.
  • The use of a customised client other than the original furnished RoM client will lead to a direct Master Account, MAC/IP and Hardware ID Ban.
  • Skill spamming macros such as F1 Spam and switches are allowed as long as you are actively playing.


  • Using an emblem that’s identical or very similar to another guild, or even no emblem at all, in order to confuse players is forbidden and will lead to @banguild.
  • This server has two types of War of Emperium: The one on Saturday, which is completely unrestricted, and the one on Sunday, which only allows smaller groups of players (less than 20) to participate.
    • Using an alternative “sub” guild to increase the original guild's roster is forbidden.
  • Spamming private messages, trade requests, or friend invites, resulting in an obstruction of the game for the player, is not allowed.
    • GMs might not be able to intervene fast enough, especially if you’re in critical fights, to put an end to those obstructions and prevent them from disturbing your game. You’re encouraged to use the following commands to automatically block these obstructions before they become a problem: /notrade, /exall, /nt, /nm.


  • MvP Griefing: MvPs are free-for-all. Griefing is therefore allowed. If you do not wish to be griefed, please use the Speed Run Instances as an alternative way to kill MvPs.
  • Vending: The original marketplace is Prontera. Creating shops on top of other sellers is automatically disabled on this server.
  • Skills in Towns: Some AoE skills are disallowed in towns.
    • This includes Lord of Vermillion, Storm Gust, Ice Wall, Meteor Storm, Loki's Veil, Moonlit Water Mill, etc.
    • Ice wall is also disabled in front of castle warps.
  • Dead Branch/Hocus Pocus: An NPC is available in Prontera for you to rent Dead Branch rooms.
    • Public rooms are free. You can also rent a private room with a Healer and a Storage Assistant.
    • Any Dead Branch or Hocus Pocus party anywhere outside of private rooms, may that be in the public room or on any map where it’s not disabled, won’t be protected by the Griefing rules: you acknowledge and accept the fact that other players might find and disturb your public party. If you want to ensure that your Dead Branch or Hocus Pocus party will not be disrupted, rent a private room.
    • Dead Branches are automatically disabled on every map on this server, thus only available in the free or private Dead Branch rooms.
    • Hocus Pocus is allowed on all maps except towns.
    • Any monster summoned outside of private rooms is free-for-all.

Important Information:
All staff members dedicate their time to deliver the best gaming experience possible.
If anything feels wrong or unfair, please remain polite and respectful; we will do our best to assist you.
For additional support, feel free to use the ticket system.

All decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, with the highest respect for the players in mind. Please be mindful that these rules may be changed at any time to satisfy the game stability or clarify certain rules. Check this topic regularly.

- The Staff of Rise of Midgard
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Rules have been updated concerning Third Party Programs, griefing and AFK in BG.

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