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Main Server Information

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  • With 1500+ hats, 70+ hairstyles, and hundreds of new color palettes, you have plenty of options available to customize your character the way you've always wanted to!
  • Rise! Be Reborn again as a High Novice once you've reached the maximum level, and exchange points for exclusive items through the Rising Shop.
  • Rebalanced XP Party Maps: Tired of always seeing the same landscapes? Want more variety? We've increased the XP on certain less-used maps to give you more leveling choices during your adventure!
  • Daily XP Spotlight Events: Enjoy solo leveling? A different map receives an XP bonus every day!
  • An exclusive Crafting System, designed to help you obtain your equipment through alternative means, like partying and events.
  • Retooled refinement bonuses
  • Exclusive Master Account storage, allowing hassle-free movement of items between different accounts!
  • Daily Login System
  • Worldwide Proxy Service and Ping Reduction functionalities
  • An exclusive anti-nodelay system called Frostdelays, allowing you to use skills on the server like if you had 0 ping!
  • Weekly maintenances, to regularly keep the game updated and bug-free!


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  • Enhanced DDoS Protection and Mitigation System, provided by Limestone, a hosting company in Texas.
  • Client protected by our own development team
  • Server-side anti-freewalk system
  • Effective anti-bot system


  • Warper with free warps to any town
  • Healer
  • Storage Assistants in front of every dungeon entrance
  • Job Changer, but with zeny rewards for first-time completion of job quests
  • Reset Girl with free stat and skill resets until level 80
  • Dead Branch Room Manager
  • Guild Engineer, for access to the Guild Item Binding System, Guild Storage security, and the resetting of Guild Skills.
  • Enchanter, who can enchant any armor except Valkyrian Armor
  • Card Combiner

You can view the full list of custom NPCs here.


  • New Onboarding Novice Grounds and Clan System
  • Translated Renewal content to fit Pre-Renewal conditions
  • Regular events and varied quests
  • Unique Instances: Endless Cellar, OGH, Octopus, Bossnia, Waves Modes...and much more!
  • Weekly Endless Tower & Endless Cellar leaderboards with rewards for the fastest team to complete them!
  • Dynamic monster spawn rates
  • Bonus experience for parties that stops increasing after 6 members
  • Economy inflation prevention
  • Revisited Smithing System
  • Revisited Hunting Quests System
  • Revisited Socket Enchanting System
  • Unique anti-grief and anti-KS systems


  • PvP Arena NPC with warps to 3 different arenas: No Potions, Free for All, Instanced Duel
  • Entirely new and revisited Battlegrounds with a dynamic party queue system, for better team balance.
    • Modes:
      • Supremacy (Revisited Conquest)
      • KVM
  • Guild Antagonist System: PvP whenever, wherever, against your selected opponents!
  • An unrestricted War of Emperium on Saturdays, from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT+0 server time
    • Guild Capacity: 76
    • Alliances Allowed
    • Supplies obtained via Battlegrounds do not work during this War of Emperium
  • A competitive War of Emperium on Sundays
    • Guild Capacity: 36
  • An exclusive God Items Challenge: Steal existing God Items from your opponents!
  • A Ragnarok World Championships (RWC) Platform, with monthly GvG events and juicy rewards!
  • An additional WoE-Ready Platform for Pre-Trans War of Emperiums

Read more about PvP on Rise of Midgard in this post.


  • eAthena emulation for Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion
  • Official behavior for Meteor Storm and Land Protector interaction, every Meteor remains independent.
  • Official behavior for Sharp Shooting, but splash damage lines are fixed.
  • Mind Breaker and Provoke work on allies in War of Emperium only
  • Old behavior of Claymore & Blast Mine
  • Twilight Alchemy works like Pharmacy, but brews a total of 200 potions or bottles at once, or as many as you’re able to.
  • The effects of cooked food persist after death
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram Card effect is now: 10% bonus Matk, +25% damage vs demi-human and angel, -50% Max SP.
  • Golden Thief Bug Card works everywhere besides in PvP & BG. It doesn’t block Dispell in WoE.
  • Automatic @autotrade upon disconnection
  • Zeny is account-based

You can find a more comprehensive list of changes here.


  • Integrated RCX/SRH, which comes with /fps /m2e /skillrange
  • Internal /ping command
  • Custom /effect function
  • Instant Refresh function
  • Movement ping delay removal option
  • No ping delay on equipment swapping and item activation

You can find more information about our extra client functionalities here.


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