Open Beta now started!

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Open Beta now started!

Post #1 by Zinnia » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:59 pm


Hello Midgardians!

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our Open Beta! The beta will be starting on Saturday, November 26th, around 19:00 GMT+0, up until the official server release, date to-be-determined. The client download links will be made public on the forum.

During this Beta, you will be able to:

  • Access our Public Beta Environment, where you will be able to level up your characters with @job @blvl @jlvl @item and @warp, and test anything you want
  • Access the WoE-Ready Server, where Classic (Pre trans) and Pre-Renewal (Trans) WoEs will be hosted
  • Access the Ragnarok World Championship Server. It will be up at a later date

The main goals of the open beta are:

  • Test host stability
    Dawn of Midgard had several issues with the host which ultimately contributed to the server's demise. A down server leads to a dead server and we will address any issues that arise from the open beta, allowing for a smooth experience for the community when the official server launches.

  • Test the new and updated client stability
    We updated the existing client and despite our multiple testing, it may have some bugs. We want to make sure nothing wrong will happen at the server official opening.

  • Fix as many bugs as possible
    With our experience from Dawn of Midgard and our collaboration with rAthena, we have already fixed a lot of bugs. However, and due to the complexity of our environment, some more may still happen. If you detect any, please report them asap to the following section of the forum.

  • Start a dialog with the community as soon as possible.
    This may be as crucial as any of the main goals. Community input, we believe, is vital to any server's viability as a long term option for Ragnarok Online players. We want to make sure suggestions from players are taken seriously and in some cases implemented. This is a project that we'd like to "co-create" with the Ragnarok Online community. We don't have a perfect vision of what an ideal Ragnarok Online experience is or should be. We need everyone's mind to create a project that we and the community can be proud of.

Please note: Due to the access of commands such as @item during the beta, when the official server starts everything there will be wiped or moved to a permanent testing server. Your name saved characters do not exist on the beta server for this reason.

The WoE-Ready Server is also going to open with the same goals listed above. You can find more information about it here. The WoE-Ready Server is going to open this Saturday November 26th. The exact schedules of the Classic (Pre Trans) and the Pre-Renewal (Trans) War of Emperiums will be discussed with the interested Guild Leaders. We are however planning to have the first weekend of WoEs happening on December 3rd and 4th.

We thank you for your patience during this process. We will update the community throughout the entire open beta about our work and plans as they evolve through this topic.

Have fun!
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